5 Things to Check if your Traffic Suddenly Drops

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Edusentro.com | 5 Things to Check if your Traffic Suddenly Drops | For anyone that owns a business, blog, or website, being able to generate traffic online is very important. While it may seem that you are able to consistently generate traffic, you also need to be aware that one day your traffic could suddenly drop substantially without any explanation. If you notice that your website traffic suddenly stops there are a variety of factors that could have caused it. There are five things in particular that you need to check if you suddenly notice a drop in your online searches.

Design and Other Changes to Your Site

Finding ways to enhance and improve a website is very important. Those that are able to improve their websites on a regular basis will normally see an improvement in visitors. However, making drastic changes to a website can also have some side effects. One of the biggest challenges that comes with making these changes is that you could suddenly see a drop in your visitation. If there is a visitation drop following a re-design, it could be due to a number of issues including having broken URLs, having a more challenging website to navigate, or losing your SEO ranks.

Search Engine Penalties

Many website owners and managers also will see a drop in visitors to their website if they are penalized by the search engines in any way. Search engines today take website integrity very seriously and they can penalize your search ranks for a variety of factors. Some of the most common reasons why a website will be penalized will include if it generates spam, if it has outgoing links that are not natural, or if there is awkward SEO. Once you understand what the penalization is for, you can put forth efforts to fix it going forward.

Changes to Search Engine Algorithm

One of the hardest things for any blog or website do deal with are the constant changes to the Google and other search engine algorithm. If you notice that your website is declining, you should work to figure out if there is a new way that Google is ranking websites based on your relevant searches. Even dropping a few slots could prove to be very problematic for you. It this does occur, an internet marketing company in Noida should be able to help you to understand the changes and update your website accordingly.

Lost Backlinks

Backlinks can be the lifeblood of any website. When you have quality backlinks on your website, you will be able to attract visitors from other websites. This can make them a great strategy and way to increase traffic. While some backlinks can be very effective, they are never permanent. If your business relies too much on just a few different backlinks, it could be very problematic. If you notice that there is a drop in your visitors, you should check the backlinks profile of your website to figure out the changes. Ideally, you will be able to re-establish these valuable links or work to find a replacement.

New Competition

Similar to any other type of business in the world today, online websites and blogs are also at risk of losing customers and visitors to competition. If you notice that your website is no longer bringing in the same unique visitors, you should do some searches online to see if there are any new websites that are similar to yours that are seeing a build in traffic. If this is the case, you may need to come up with a new design or strategy to once again differentiate yourself from the competition. This should help you to get the visitors back that you once had.