Call Center Proficiency Training Programs

The CALL CENTER PROFICIENCY TRAINING PROGRAM (CCP) is an entry level, 100-hour training program duly registered with and accredited by TESDA. It is designed to help candidate trainees acquire the attitude, skills and knowledge required in a call center industry. A graduate of this program shall be given a Statement of Accomplishment and is eligible for the next-level course as a Certified Call Center Professional (CCCP). The International Call Center Proficiency (ICCP) Training Program is the most popular course. It runs for 12 days.  A graduate of this program shall be given a Statement of Accomplishment and is eligible for the next-level courses as Certified Call Center Professional (CCCP) or Certified Outsource Management Professional (COMP). Graduates of the next-level courses shall receive a Certificate of Completion. 

The CCP and ICCP programs cover the following modules:

Intensive Communications Training for English

Emphasis on this module would be on oral expression and the ability of the participants to communicate effectively and spontaneously in a corporate environment.

Exceptional Customer Service

This program aims to enhance the skills of participants and teach them exceptional call handling when interacting with their customers.

Sales & Telemarketing

This module is designed to enhance the sales and telemarketing skills of the participants

American Culture & Geography

The objective of this program is to enable the participants to understand immense land area, which involves varied time zones, geographical regions, regional characteristics and nuances of the varied lifestyles in the US. It also includes understanding of the different speech patterns and other subtle cultural diversities brought on by history.

Other modules are to be re-launched within the next 3 months:

Communication-related Modules

  • Basic English
  • Advanced English
  • Business Correspondence

This module is designed to improve the technical writing skills of the participants.

No. of hours: 6 hours

Special Services

  • Train the Trainer
  • Module Development
  • Consultancy
  • Customization
  • Elective Track – for schools
  • Call Center Modules
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Sales & Telemarketing
  • American Culture & Geography

Certification Courses

  • Certified Call Center Professional (CCCP)
  • Certified Outsource Management Professional (COMP)

When do we start?

Classes start in January 2015 and enrollment is ongoing. Please fill-out the form below and kindly attache your CV/Resume.

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