Certification Courses

Our certification courses range from three to twelve months. They were made in ladderized fashion starting with the free modules (usually four to fourteen weeks in length) — and very affordable. We also give out a bunch of scholarships.

Edusentro’s digital education platform seeks to offer certification courses that allow students to work (in whatever jobs they can find and help the family) and study one-year certification courses that are ladderized or modular from one month, three months to six months for each module. These courses will better the chances of students to land higher-paying jobs because they are are needed and not usually offered in colleges.These courses may also be taken by aspirants (already working or college graduates) who want to up their qualifications for lucrative jobs (or entrepreneurial pursuits). Maximum length depending on the certification courses’ needs is one year.

These courses are highly specialized and niched towards certain job categories that various industries need. Not dependent on traditional learning institutions, courses are created and managed by content partners in the form of training organizations, subject matter experts, certified professionals and even academicians. Thus, Edusentro educators are the best in their niched fields and contribute a big part of their valuable hours to teach and mentor students — usually, for free!

All classes are asynchronous (own pace, own time) and divided either by topic,course or weekly schedules.

Here are our initial list of Certification Courses:

Certified Social Media Marketer (CSMM)

Certified Call Center Professional (CCCP)

Certified Outsource Management Professional (COMP)

Certified Global Digipreneur Program (CGD)

Certified Global Digital Marketer Program (CGDM)

Certified Executive Champion Program (CEC)

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