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In response to clamors for continuing education on digital marketing trends — specifically on social media marketing — we are bringing to you Edusentro’s Online Master Class on Social Media Marketing.The course is specially crafted by Homer Nievera, CDE — a certified distance educator and communications research graduate from the University of the Philippines, and a sought after digital marketing evangelist.


The 14-week extensive online workshop-type course shall dig deeper into the techniques that make social media a cost-effective marketing tool while having something — a Master Class Certificate — to show for it.Classes are held completely online. What’s better, is that you, too, can access the course also on mobile with the soon-to-be-launched Edusentro app, initially available on Android phones.The Online Master Class in Social Media Marketing allows you to master social media marketing techniques and amp your knowledge on upcoming trends. The workshop-based curriculum brings forth critical thinking to give you an edge against competition in your next digital marketing campaigns.


Businesses that run social media campaigns get a faster ROI that those that don’t simply due to the proven cost-effectiveness of viral campaigns coursed through this technology-based network. Having advanced skills in this area drives you several notches up than competition.

The ability to use social media to regularly engage people, build an audience and express your personality is becoming an essential digital skill for everyone. In fact, the demand for people with “social media marketing” skills has risen 47% in the past year and is projected to continue growing at a fast clip as more businesses move marketing spending from paid advertising into content marketing and social media engagement.If you’re interested in improving your social media skills or building a career in social media, this course can help you achieve your goal. It can help you find a specialized job because it shows businesses and organizations a window into your personality, interests and how savvy you are with new social technologies. Till now, there hasn’t been a locally available Master Class, and an online one at that!

Where social media really becomes valuable in a business context is when you can use these social networks to raise brand awareness and also get new customers, leads and sales for a business.


For only PhP 888 as introductory price for the 14 week master class module, how cost-effective can that be?

What’s more, you can try the course, COMPLETELY FREE, for the first 3 weeks. Should you not want to continue before the 3 weeks are up, you can simply write us at with the subject line “I’m dropping from the course Online Master Class on Social Media Marketing.” Should you wish to continue, you will be prompted to pay the PhP 888. Just register now! We have limited slots left. Registration is only until August 8, 2015.

  • Defining Your Company / Client’s Objective/s
  • Developing Guidelines for Communication
  • What is Social Media Marketing?
  • The Big Picture of Social Media Marketing
  • Understanding the Value of Social Media Marketing
  • Building Brand – The Power of Social Media
  • Leveraging on Social Media Channels
  • Facebook Marketing Tips & Tricks
  • Comparing Facebook and Twitter
  • Exploring the Twitter Interface
  • Writing High Quality Tweets
  • Using Retweets
  • Understanding Hashtags
  • Using Rich Media in Tweets
  • How to Attract Followers
  • Choosing Who to Follow
  • What is Content Marketing?
  • Value of the Right Content and the Right Platform
  • Why Blogging is Back
  • The Future of Videos in the Content Mix
  • Other Content Formats
  • Why SEO is Important in the Social Media Marketing Mix
  • A Quick Look at Inbound Marketing and its Relation to Social Media Marketing
  • Planning for Social Media
  • Social Media Metrics
  • The Role of a Professional Social Marketer
  • and many more…

The student will be graded based on a competency assessment. Competency assessment is an ongoing process of continually building knowledge and skills.Organizations are much more dynamic now and competency assessment addresses the need to stay ahead of the curve.

The key to competency assessment is that it is based on actual skills and knowledge that a person can demonstrate in the workplace or other contexts. This is different to other approaches where there is no requirement to demonstrate knowledge and skills – like approaches where people just answer questions as a test of their knowledge and skills. The problem with testing is that it doesn’t guarantee that a person will be able to do something – it just verifies that they know something.The process starts with a person assessing themselves against a set of competencies. They compile a list of evidence that shows they are competent. A workplace assessor reviews the evidence and verifies the person performing the skill.Development needs are identified. The person uses a variety of sources, both on and off the job to develop the areas identified. After a period, the person is reassessed and if they can now demonstrate the skills, they are awarded competence.


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