Edusentro|FROM ‘N’ LEVEL TO LICENSED AIRCRAFT TECHNICIAN IN JUST THREE YEARS|5 May 2020, Singapore – When most people think about careers in the aviation industry, pilots and cabin crew usually come to mind. Even the most seasoned traveller hardly thinks of all the other unseen personnel who keep aircrafts flight-worthy and safe. Aircraft mechanics and technicians are responsible for the safety of airplanes. They tinker about with plane engines, fix flaws in flaps and ailerons, and ensure that in-flight entertainment systems are in working order. Aircraft mechanics and technicians should have dexterity, a thorough understanding of engines, electrical system and technical instruments and the ability to troubleshoot and solve problems. For those with a passion for aeroplanes, enjoy hands-on work and are good with their hands, Air Transport Training College (ATTC) lays the groundwork for them to enter the aviation industry. ATTC, a SAR-147 Maintenance Training Organisation approved by Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS), was established in 1999. For over 21 years, it has provided over 2,000 students – from ‘N’ Level to ‘O’ Level and even mid-career workers – with the necessary skills needed to serve the aviation industry. Accelerated Academic Pathway ATTC offers Applied Diploma in Aerospace Maintenance (ADAM) and Specialist Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance & Engineering (SAME; pronounced as Sammy) as accelerated programmes for students. ‘N’ Level holders may apply for ADAM to gain the relevant hand skills and basic knowledge needed to become an aircraft technician. With SAME, students with‘O’ Levels will find themselves on the path of becoming a licensed aircraft maintenance technician. SAME graduates will only need to amass one year of practical maintenance experience and pass the CAAS Category A1 basic exams to become certified technicians.
As a SkillsFuture Singapore Approved Training Organisation (ATO), Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (PRs) are eligible for up to 80% subsidy on diploma course fees. Says Mr Colin Koh, General Manager, Air Transport Training College, “Training of highly-skilled technicians and engineers is critical in ensuring aircraft safety. The courses at ATTC comply with a training framework set by CAAS to deliver quality training to our students, trainees and their sponsoring employers.” “Students receive an added advantage from our lecturers and instructors, majority of whom have had years of practical experience in the field. The faculty is able to share insights into the industry and even help students with tips for job interviews,” he adds. Colin was a Senior Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer himself with over 40 years of experience. He is still currently with a valid CAAS Licence. All Hands On Deck A sprawling, fully-operational 1,890 square metre hangar is the centre of attraction in the Seletar training complex. Diploma students spend up to 50% of their curriculum experiencing the inspection, removal and installation of aircraft components on an actual aircraft. The hangar houses a Cessna 172 Skyhawk, a Learjet 25B and a Falcon 20E. At ATTC’s workshop and laboratory facilities, students get to disassemble and assemble avionics components and carry out repair on aircraft avionics systems. Flight simulation is also available for students to learn the skills and operations needed to ensure aircraft safety. Besides valuable hands-on experience, SAME students receive exclusive on-the-job training at partner companies where they are exposed to aircraft servicing and repair in a real operating environment. Empowering Workers to Take Flight with Mid-Career Switch From basic aircraft safety practices to the assembling and disassembling of engines, ATTC provides a comprehensive range of WSQ courses that are up to 90% subsidised for Singaporeans and PRs.These four to 10-day workshops will help newly recruited or in-service personnel acquire skills and competencies for their desired jobs. As the Professional Development Centre for the Singapore Institute of Aerospace Engineers (SIAE), ATTC is committed to delivering knowledge and skills to all trainees regardless of age or gender. ATTC believes that highly skilled technicians and engineers are the nuts and bolts of the aviation industry. Anyone with a passion in the field can excel – the only requirement is to be equipped with a dream and the right tools. To indicate interest in ATTC programmes, please Whatsapp +65 87750089 or call +65 6603 6600. Website: Facebook: Instagram: