How Content Marketing and SEO Can Work Together

Content Marketing and SEO

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SEO and content marketing… two individual terminologies, yet tied with a robust thread, i.e., the engagement. Actually, content marketing is a chunk of the search engine optimization procedure. Every single aspect initiates with the content, from the search query to the giant article, what the user anticipates to the response from the clients, everything is related to the content.  And, eventually, the content is correlated to the search engine optimization.

For the websites practicing ethical SEO, this year’s Google modification caused barely a ripple of concern. The fundamental concept is so simple- if your site is quality and has kept pace with the changes and refinements made by Google over the last decade; you have nothing to worry about. For years, Google has been working towards making search results more responsive and intuitive to what people are looking for and the semantic search is the superb illustration of it.

As per the content marketing, the context is easier to write when your focus is on the quality and depth; and the quality content creators make it possible. And, Google also aims to deliver fruitful information because that’s what the consumers are looking for. Content marketing is a sort of the right hand of the SEO and the left one is link building…! Funny!! But, in some way, it has proved to be right.

How SEO and content marketing work jointly:

Quality content coupled with the cohesive SEO strategy is a truly winning combination.

Before knowing the connection between the SEO and content marketing, focus on finding what people want. You can employ tools like:

  • Google Keyword Planner: It is the tool where you can type the keywords and discover their eminence in the digital market.
  • This is the second logical step as it gives more peculiar information about the searcher intent via long tail keyword phrases.
  • SEMrush: It assists you in determining what your competitors are doing. You may get the vast and diverse perception about the current market trends.

Let us begin with the collaboration of the content marketing and SEO.

  • Creating authentic and quality content

Creating the original and good content is the foremost step of this campaign. It directly or indirectly helps your content marketing objectives, as the audience loves the genuineness. And, from the SEO perspective, the original and engaging content will set you apart from the competitors. Google and other search engines love to discover something fresh, pioneer and quality stuff and involuntarily, the search engines include it in its indexing list because it has found something unique.

  • Keyword Research

Very First, do some keyword research to find out which terms are commonly used by the users to search something. What they have entered in the search bar, try to match with that language. Whilst writing the content, make sure that it should be qualitative enough to grab the audience towards it and has included the search queries which the users use preferably. Ensure that the content you have spent time creating achieves the vulnerability it deserves.

  • Link building

Link building is the crucial component in the search engine optimization process. Having the content written, make sure that it should be well distributed in all the channels so that it can get proper attention. It’s very obvious that good content attracts more and more links. Simply, write the content worthy to acquire a number of links.

  • Internal Linking

Internal Linking is the most lucrative way to enhance the user experience. This technique uses the content to help with SEO goals. It can assist Google to crawl the site more efficiently, help pages to rank well for the certain search terms and also direct the users towards the content that is relevant and favorable to the article they are reading.

  • In everything, provide real value to your ideal buyers

Nailing the SEO in your blog posts and the content marketing will only reach to the success only when you will value your targeted customers. Write the content, while considering or anticipating the customer’s perception then you will ultimately reach to your terminal. Remember, each individual has diverse point of views. It is very important to perform thorough research before writing the content.

Let us take an example- Suppose you are writing on the electronic gadgets. The audience will find for the types and you have written on the importance of electronic gadgets.

Therefore, it is significant to do the research before targeting any informative stuff.

  • Share the content on social media

Social media is a great way to acquire more eyeballs on your content. So, be sure to share your content on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. But, execute this step tentatively in sync with your business. It means selecting the channel in accordance with your business is very imperative.  You can also contemplate Pinterest, Reddit and online forums and communities, if your business requires.

However, it is a two-way corridor. If you will share some stuff on the social media, and it will get the good customer’s response, it is great, but participation in the discussion is your responsibility. So, always be active with your post.

  • Measurement

It is the most vital step to measure the effects or consequences of the content in terms of SEO goals. You can use analytics to see how the volume of search traffic changes over time and which pages and articles are most effective for this. Examine cautiously to get the right and favorable outcomes.

SEO and content are diverse disciplines that require different skills and acquaintance, but the success of each other depends on the other. The content is the quintessential element and it should be written naturally while fulfilling the SEO work and in return, SEO works with the content creators, ensuring that they are aware of the basics and the latest information, and help to set goals which can be achieved through the content.

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