How Edusentro Works

Edusentro enables people to fulfill their life purpose through progressive discovery and lifelong learning.

It was created as a venue for learning through digital distance education. Established as a free platform, the site seeks to be an enabler for people who look at education as a key ingredient to freedom, career and economic advancement, social and spiritual needs, and entrepreneurship.

Edusentro was also created with the educator in mind. 

Many subject-matter experts from trainers, certified professionals, to the academe have something to impart to willing and able learners. Edusentro is a venue to connect the student with a master who shall act as a bridge for niche and readily applicable content. Here, educators as well as the institutions they represent are treated as content partners.

Free Courses are the site’s foundation.

All certifiable courses have free modules that are offered by educators or content partners. Since the courses are usually ladderized (with pre-requisites), the first module of the courses — which are usually free — are automatically made part of the certifiable courses. Students who finish modules of certifiable courses — whether free or paid — are given a Statement of Accomplishment.

There are short programs and and learning content that are also free but usually are not part of certifiable courses. Included here are shareable or downloadable decks, presentations, videos, white papers, reports, articles, ebooks, and other materials that can be consumed in an hour or less. These types of content can be browsed through the site without going to the STUDY CENTER which is where all the modules and courses are housed. Courses in the Study Center can only be accessed by Signing-up or Logging-in.

Edusentro courses that offer Certification are socially-priced.

This means that rates are much lower than those offered by many institutions worldwide — especially when compared to traditional learning organizations. Our certifiable courses start at less than $US100.

Each student who successfully finishes a certifiable course is awarded a Certificate of Completion.

You can view our current list of Certification Courses HERE.

Want to be an Educator or a Content Partner?

You can start by sending free courses as a contribution to our roster of lifelong learning tracks. Though they will still be evaluated, you shall receive feedback from us. we accept courses on any subject and any level. Email us at

Should you opt for a paid engagement with us, send us an email HERE

More inquiries?

Should have more questions, please email us at