Here’s How to Speed Up the Software Development with Automation

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Edusentro|We are witnessing how the IT industry is buzzing across the globe by delving into all types of businesses. Approximately a few years back, the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella coined that every business will become a software business and in present times, the $500 billion software industry is going to touch $1trillino in the upcoming years. Currently, J.P.Morgan leads the IT industry with the whopping 40,000 software engineers which are more than Alphabet in order to out-develop their competition Software Development Automation. 

Despite the huge workforce, the main hurdle is deemed on the traditional software development that is slow, segmented and time-consuming. Take an occurrence of a product venture where a normal programming architect goes through 4 hours in testing, 3.5 hours sitting tight for assembles and 3 hours on condition the executives which summarizes to in excess of a fourth of their week’s worth of work by making nothing of significant worth. 

When we consider the highest-paid engineers, they are considered as the big problem as the amount of work is not done accordingly but things are changing. CircleCI – one of the main advancement stage had wagered that AI and robotization are going to accelerate the product development by opening up the designers from commonplace undertakings and use a similar time in a significant work. With the innovation of AI and machine learning, it is estimated that the employees are going to have 50% more time to work efficiently. Few big brands like Facebook, Spotify, GoPro, and InstaCart have decided to move on CircleCI for a faster pace Software Development Automation. 


In this article, we will be heading towards the transformational machine learning and AI strategies that can be incorporated in the software industry for reliable automation and faster development. Let us get started with.

A Quick Recap of the Current Software Market

Software Development Automation 2020 Philippines

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In present times, there are a great deal of organizations and people who still have customary work forms. Therefore, when you think of the modern digital transformation, it is really the correct time to try to foster a software development team. At first, the industries are trying to get the software out of their office and connect it to the data centers to get them attached to cloud-native environments in order to gain access to computing them instantly. Another is the software which has been a guideline or an adjunct to all the primary business be it from manufacturers to retailers, everyone feels the need for the software. To make sense of the exact programming, they have to solidify their benefits and incorporate them as a standard.


In plenty of cases, you may come across the old approach of waterfall software release processes that comprises multiple manual steps and scripts. For the advanced mechanism, the industries need to have an automated solution but as the software development teams are speeding up their processes, the traditional approaches are taken aback. And that’s what most of the companies are looking forward to the automation through AI and machine learning. As the software teams will quicken up, there are higher chances to build more software and grab the opportunities in the market by responding to them in a potential way. Businesses just need to figure out how they can fix all of these broken pieces altogether to get a smoother and quicker phase. 

Is Speed becoming a basic necessity for Software Development?

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Software Development Automation 2020

Enterprises and software development teams are trying harder to speed up as per the growing market opportunities. The only way to touch the opportunities is to automate all the development steps that do not require human intervention because it helps you to save time and use it later for a better cause. As the development teams are speeding up, the software is becoming a primary storefront for your customers and you need to ensure a high-quality level for security. The US companies are going towards rapid innovations but also integrate tiny chunks in order to release the software on a more consistent basis where your software gets inherently better. Henceforth, it can be considered that deployment is a non-issue and one of the core issues for software development is that you need to make sure all the changes are working together in the software before releasing the same Software Development Automation. 

What can the Companies do for Quicker Development teams?

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When we talk about software organizations, it is really tough to hire software developers and to ensure that their work hours are dedicated to the development of your software. Often, the development cycle is underinvested from the software developers to get it all done perfectly from the perspective of a third-party app. Take an instance of testing automation and continuous delivery infrastructure where the development teams do not need to put any effort. They simply need to acquire it from others who are specialized in this respective field and focus on other stuff. The software companies need to put the right tools and platforms in a place that is actually critical and all the way up and down the stack from their data center all the way up to the planning tools. 

Next, the traditional waterfall model plays a catcher role in software development because the applications get much more defined. But as time passes by, it consumes more time by the teams in making a number of decisions that are feasible or easy to work upon. If we follow the notion of shift left then we are trying to push the software development further and further up the planning cycle so one becomes more concerned about the needs of the development team in terms of both the building and delivery. After the development teams are becoming more software first, all of the agile processes are ending up with the variant concerns Software Development Automation. 

AI + Automation = Software Innovation

Software Development Automation Asia Philippines

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With the help of automation, the enterprises are looking forward to automating tasks that are predetermined and self-learning. Take an instance of every time you try and release a piece of software, you need to get a third party test against the other third party payments system. Back in those days, to do these tasks, you need to hire a QA team for doing a manual process and a bit of time-consuming. Hence, if you are really looking forward to a fully automated system in your test suite then these automated tasks should be done to make them deterministic and predictable. 

The Future Ahead

Here, we come to the end of the article. We have seen how automation and AI can help to boost the IT industry. By following the latest trends and strategies, it is possible for any small to large size businesses to try their hands on automation for a better future. The companies need to think of alternatives using AI and which can be functioned using its best attributes. It is becoming more and more complicated but yet faster and responsive to see the inclusion of AI and machine learning into our daily lives to swipe away the traditional approaches. Till then – keep learning!