Trial Registration Page for Online Master Class in Social Media Marketing, August 2015

Hi Lifelong Learner!

This is your chance to try our course, the Online Master Class in Social Media Marketing — absolutely free, for 3 weeks!

Though classes officially start on August 3, you have until August 8, 2015 to catch the course on a trial module.

Before the 3 weeks is over, you shall be sent an email to ask if you want to continue with the course or not.

If you wish to continue, you will be asked to send the PhP 888 fee. A link will be provided on how and where to pay.

Should you not wish to continue the course, kindly send us a quick note indicating “No, Thank you!” and we’ll drop you from the rolls of students for the said course.

Meanwhile, please fill-in your details below to have you registered for the first 3-week trial. As mentioned, there is no obligation for you to continue after 3 weeks should you wish to drop the course.

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