Why I Choose CWS Party List to Lead Among a Bunch of 2022 Options

CWS Party List
CWS Party List - helping construction workers nationwide

Edusentro | Why I Choose CWS Party List to Lead Among a Bunch of 2022 Options | By Angel G. | Finalizing our list of bets from the long list of aspirants in the May 2022 national elections is a consequential decision for every Filipino voter. Considerations are not just about popularity nor the dynasty of political families, but it is also about getting aware of the laid-out advocacies, platforms, and leadership styles and skills of each candidate that will later on influence or contribute to either the country’s progress or the collapse of the economy.

As an adult being a concerned and curious citizen, is one way of securing our future and the upcoming generations. By gathering some information about these political aspirants, it is among the simple ways of showing our interest and concern on what the future holds for our beloved country should these candidates succeed in getting appointed seats to do public service.

tupad batangas
TUPAD program in Mataas na kahoy, Batangas implemented by CWS through DOLE.

Political candidates have already started taking early steps in their campaign this last quarter of the year. After filing their certificates of candidacy, among the initial steps that the majority of them are exerting are attending interviews with media companies that will benefit both the general public and the aspirants. It will open doors to a considerable number of information on how will these future leaders are planning to help our country and locales with their manifestos.

Last November 9, I had an opportunity to watch a Facebook Live interview with the Legal Counsel of Construction Workers Solidarity Party List (CWS), Attorney Danielito “DJ” Jimenez which was hosted by Ms. Teena Shotwell Clemente on her “Anghel ng Masa” program in AFP Radio. Every question thrown by the host received an intense and relevant response from the party list’s spokesperson.

CWS Party List
Mys Space Program with CWS Party List Legal Counsel, Atty. DJ Jimenez

During the interview, some realizations would most probably start pondering on for the majority of its viewers and listeners. There are individuals that we often take for granted most of the time and often missed out on their importance; they are among the reasons why we are living in a comfortable home with our families or other places and infrastructures to visit and enjoy. with the amount of effort and dedication they put into these premises, they also deserve to receive attention and protection, with the representation of a dedicated organization that will stand in for those who are working in the construction industry like CWS or Construction Workers Solidarity Party List.

The party-list is aiming for a stable job for Filipinos in construction whose investments are their determination, physical strength, honesty, and order in executing tasks in their chosen profession. As working Filipino, they also need a reliable party list that would aid them on their various concerns and promote better directions for the improvements on their industry directives.

Jimenez also pointed out during the interview, that they are also extending their assistance to the allied workers in the construction. The regulations that they promote are for the benefit of both the construction workers and their allies as well; the welfare of a construction worker is on the top of their list, this is due to the reason that it is a marginalized sector in the society that needs representation.

CWS is also supporting the build build build program by the Duterte Administration, which is the backbone of the economy, what would make this project more beneficial is its continuity regardless of the administrator handling the project, as a long-term job for Filipino construction workers. Congressman Romeo Momo proposed an ordinance in the congress to also provide training for those working for commercial builders to improve their skills and living.

The interview lasted for almost an hour, and one of the things that impressed me with Attorney Jimenez is he made an effort to attend the online interview right after appointment in the court apart from his sincerity to do public service. I have seen and experienced different types of governance from the past leaders of our country. Some issues and citizens were given more attention than others, and I think it is about time to give other groups of individuals the rightful concern that we all deserve.

I may not be a huge political fan but I have enough knowledge on the right leaders who would not put our votes to waste, and I would highly recommend Construction Workers Solidarity Party List on the top list of organizations that we should support in the upcoming national elections to give sympathy and support to those people why we have a decent place to live in and useful infrastructures. At the end of the day, those who work in silence and yet give good results.